PPC serves some of the world’s most demanding injection molding customers

As a custom molder we have the ability to support any industry. Our most common market segments include Consumer Goods, Transportation, Appliance, and the Housing market. Our experience in these segments allows us to understand and adapt to your unique needs and expectations.

Plastic Products Co. Inc.
Plastic Products Co. is a custom molder that supports every industry that needs injection molding. We provide metal, ceramic, and plastic injection molding.
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PPC is a world class manufacturer of high quality injection molded parts and assemblies to the largest appliance manufacturers in the country.

Plastic Products Company has experience with both aesthetic and functional requirements and has the ability to handle your program. Whether you need in-mold labeling, pad printing, or a structural component, we have the capability to help you successfully bring your product to market.

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PPC is a proven Tier II supplier for both American and Japanese transplant markets. We are experienced with interior, exterior and under-hood components.

Plastic Products Company has the engineering talent to help you select the optimum materials and then establish a consistent zero defects process.

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Building Products

Home construction has demanding applications that require the use of weather-resistant polymers that can perform in extreme conditions.

PPC works with all major polymer manufacturers and can assist in development of injection molding compounds that meet customer requirements. Our expertise ensures rapid development and minimizes production lead-times.

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Consumer Products

PPC manufactures and assembles many components used by consumers every day. Our combined facilities are equipped with over 250 <strong>injection molding machines</strong>. This investment in quality equipment positions us to handle the production volumes that consumer products demand.

Automated operations and custom designed equipment increase efficiencies and lower costs. Dedicated employees and an international network of component suppliers and tooling vendors allow us to be very cost competitive.

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Plastic Products Company can assemble electronic components to your turn-key products as we offer our customers secondary operations utilizing in-process cycle-time. PPC services the electronics market by manufacturing products like circuit board enclosures, GPS components, moisture probes, appliance heater assemblies and gravity water filtration systems.

Our Project Engineers have extensive experience in building custom automation to help reduce labor costs, improve quality and allow us to compete in the global market. We utilize continuous improvement strategies to help reduce scrap and provide value-added operations to support our growing customer needs.

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Other Markets

As a custom molder, we have the flexibility to service many different markets including electronics, recreational and industrial.

We specialize in high volume runs and parts ranging from a single gram up to 16 pounds.

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